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BSLCCU Welcome Message

The work of the Black Star Line Cooperative Credit Union (BSLCCU) since its inception in 2009 has included a focus on fostering an economic reawakening among Pan Africans.   Through our own effort and initiative, we have organized ourselves into a credit union for the purpose of creating wealth within our community.  By engaging this purpose, we believe our collective economic development will be advanced. 

The model of the BSLCCU is based on the following principles: 

- Open, Voluntary Membership

- Democratic Member Control

- Honest Business Practices

- Not for Profit

- Education, Training and Information

- Cooperation

- Concern for Community

The prosperity of a Credit Union depends solely on its members.  Members assume a responsibility and a commitment to participate in the progress and management of the credit union.  These  obligations form the basis upon which the organization’s success  is determined. 

The leadership of the BSLCCU urges all those who share the Pan African vision not to withhold their support.   Join the BSLCCU and help shape our economic destiny.  Our union makes us strong. 

BSLCCU Management