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Dennis Danville (Jawara)

Dennis Danville (Jawara)

I was born in Marcus Garvey Parish (St Ann), Jamaica, in February 1953. Migrated to London, England at the age of twelve and migrated to New York, USA in 1968, where I currently resides.

I am a graduate of Samuel Gompers High School, Bronx, NY, with a diploma in Electrical Installations,

and attended Bronx Community College, majoring in Electronic Technology.

I believe that the last frontier for African People is economics, as exemplified by the “do for self” philosophy of The Hon. Marcus Garvey. Without it we cannot effectively address the many concerns that plague us, such as education, employment, poverty, health, housing, security, infrastructure, etc.

It was for these reasons why I became a shareholder in the first place. In the last two years it has been a worthwhile pleasure to serve on the board of directors. In a small way, I feel that I am making a contribution to the development of Africa, as opposed to feeling helpless and frustrated.

I have not yet set foot on the soil of Africa, but in the last two years of doing the work of the credit union, interacting with my colleagues in Africa, I feel connected and relevant. I have also come to the conclusion that the need to generate wealth is more clear than ever. Communication technology has been a challenge for us, in doing this work.

It is an example of an area where wealth generation could have a positive impact.

I currently run a home based business, Unconquered People, specializing in herbal and natural products, books, arts & crafts, etc. (unconquerdpeople.com)

I am a self-taught graphic artist, a lover of music and audio technology.