Candidates Wanted

The Board of Directors currently have four members, bye-laws allow from five to seven members. In order to make better use ofour diversity and world wide reach, and realizing the unique needs of our members in the Diaspora.

leadership has decided to reserve at least two of the three available seats on the board for our overseas shareholders. As a result, we are directly appealing to our members in the UK, Canada, USA and the Caribbean to submit for elections, their names or the name(s) of any interested member. This is an opportunity to truly contribute to the economic development and growth of not only the individual but the wider Pan- Africanist community.

Residency in Ghana is not a requirement, technology allow participation from where ever you are. The Board is seeking shareholding candidates to fill positions on the Board of Directors and the Loans Committee. All vacancies are voluntary, unpaid positions. Elections will take place at the upcoming 2019 AGM, planned to take place on August 30, 2020.

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