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BSLCCU Social Welfare Fund

The BSLCCU is seeking to establish a social welfare fund. It is anticipated that the resources of this fund will be derived from direct donation from members and well-wishers. Members can also donate a percentage of their savings, either on a regular basic or as a one - off payment.

The idea is symbolised by the Nkonsonkonson adinkra symbol. The chain link symbolises unity and human relations. It is reminder to contribute to the community. That in unity lies strength.

There are a number of areas in which the BSLCCU believes it can make a contribution both to its members and the wider, local community via the social welfare fund.

- EDUCATION: The BSLCCU would like to use the fund of offer scholarships and sponsorship to worthy children of its members. This would reinforce the BSLCCU belief in educating and creating opportunity for the next generation.

- CHARITABLE DONATIONS: It is good to give to people who are less fortunate than yourselves. In Ghana it is a tradition for large companies and prominent individuals to donate foodstuffs, to the physically and mentally challenged in their communities. This is done especially at Christmas, Easter and other prominent Muslim holidays. This is also a method that companies and individuals use to raise their profile and show relevance and sensitivity to the needs of local community. The BSLCCU would like to be in a position where it can make such donations on a regular basis.

- EMERGENCIES: The BSLCCU would like to use part of the fund to help its members who may fall sick suddenly and needs emergency hospital treatment or any other such emergencies. This is an attractive selling point for the Social Welfare Fund.

- HELP THE AGED: There are many of our fellows Pan-Africanist who repatriated to Ghana back in the 1970s & 80s. These brothers and Sisters are now approaching senior citizen status. Those that manage to establish new families in Ghana may have some support. But many are now on their own, they may even have lost touch with family they may have had in Jamaica, UK or America. It is the duty of the BSLCCU to offer some assistance to those pioneers who laid the foundation for us.

- HARD TIMES: The harsh reality is that some of our brothers & Sisters come to Ghana and fall on hard times. This could be because of bad advice, bad investments, theft or just bad luck. The BSLCCU would like to be in a position to help them to get back on their feet.

- FUNERAL COST: The time of transformation. This is a day that we all must face. The BSLCCU would like to be in a position where it can contribute to the funeral cost of its members.

It is clear from the above list that there could be a great demand on limited resources. It would be the Board of Directors who decide which cause or situation is worthy of funding. It is envisaged that families would have to apply for funding. The BOD would decide who to fund. It is also envisaged that the Social Welfare Fund will be invested so that it can grow and replenish itself.

Donations can be made via this website. Simply select “SEND MONEY” from the home page and make your donations via your PAYPAL account. Donations can be made anonymously or publicly. Once you have made your donation you can go to “Contact Us” and send us a message stating your wishes. If you wish to make your donations public then we will publish it on the website and our other social media platforms.


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