Junior Savings

Junior Account Savings Plan: We’d all like to be in a position to help our children enter adulthood on a sound financial footing.  It might sound daunting - and expensive - but with a few simple steps you can begin to make a real difference. 

At Black Star Line Cooperative Credit Union we offer children savings plan with minimum investments from as little as 5Ghc per month, meaning it doesn’t have to break the bank - especially if you start early and have time on your side. BSLCCU is an accredited member of Ghana Credit Union Association

Our Junior Account savings plan is offered to members and non-members with benefits for members and non-members.

Why choose BSLCCU for your children’s savings?

Black Star Line Cooperative Credit Union is your first step toward encouraging an early savings habit in your children or grandchildren.

We offer a comprehensive suite of savings product for children, ideal for parents, grandparents and relatives wanting to save a nest egg for their little ones.

Our Junior Savings Account is for children from birth up to 18 years of age whose parents, guardians or grandparents are members of Black Star Line Cooperative Credit Union.

For your child to be eligible for our Junior Account you must already be a member and maintain a regular savings account.

Black Star Line Cooperative Credit Union will help you towards your first step to saving for your child/children’s future

Our Junior product is

- tailored to your needs – so you can create a savings plan that suits you

- flexibility – start saving from the equivalent of just 1GHc per week, or with a lump sum

- managed by trained expertise – our management team are highly trained and qualified to confidently handle your monies

Key features for members of BSLCCU

- You can saving as little or a much as you wish

- Your child can join BSLCCU from birth to 18 years of age

- Savings can provide university fees, a first car or help with a house deposit or give your child a lump sum at age 18 years old

- Statements are sent annually at the end of our financial year

- You can withdraw your savings at any time

- There is no registration fee for children to members,

- 5Ghc per week saved from birth to 18 years of age will give your child a lump sum of over 5,000 GHc.


- Non members of BSLCCU are entitled to all that a member is entitled, however

- non-members will be charged registration fee for each child registered

Opening an Account

If your child/children is under 18 years old then he or she is eligible to because regular savers at the Black Star Line Cooperative Credit Union.

All you need to open a Junior Savings Account with Black Star Line Cooperative Credit Union is your child’s original Birth Certificate (a copy will be taken for our records).

Visit our office where one of our trained administrators will assist you or alternatively arrange an appointment with our administrator to visit you at home or work to open your account.

How to Make Deposits

You can make deposits at our head office at Community 18 or at an arranged collection point.

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